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Intro: Zelda Song of Storms Remix by bshuker

Outro: Bohemian Rhapsody Mario paint by call333pokemon

In this episode we actually spoke well of Spore


outro: Ghostwave by NemesisTheory

intro:Choclate Rain 8bit remix by UuUuUuUuUu

In this episode we discuss The Voltron Movie, Google Chrome and $20,000 PCs.


Intro: Still Alive(Remix)- paranoiddj001

Outro: Clearing the Sky(Remix)- John Guy(Real Faction)

In this episode we talk about what happened over the Summer and say goodbye to one of our own.


Destroying Heaven by Erectronik

Teurastaja by TurmionKatilot

In this episode we struggle to find The Epicenter of All Things Sinster in Anime, Video Games, and Tech/Internet.


Intro: Last Forever by dj-Nate

Outro: Phoenix Chronicles Ep2 by Phoenix Chronicles(Draqo)

In this episode we discuss Arcana Hearts, spring anime and Sam and Max.


Intro: Legato by PsyWoofers

Outro: In Teh Desert by Brunzolatis

In this episode we discuss Spring Anime, Europe, and heartless bastards(Square Enix)


Intro: Redemption at Hand - Xerxes Sangco

Outro: Time for Punishment: Sam D. Hyde

We encourage our listeners to post their thoughts about our special guest as a comment or through our podcast e-mail.


Intro: Temple of Time to Dance by choopocobra

Outro: The Diabeetus techno remix

In this episode we prepare for the Internet Hate Machine.


Persona 3 Spoilers: 27:38 - 34:00

Intro: Piano-Tec - Howard Lockward(Drawoh)

Outro: Castle of Tears - NemesisTheory

In this episode we discuss Attack The Gas Station, Persona 3 and Brawl.


Intro: Electronic Symphany by PsyWoofers

Outro: Song of Storms Remix by keatonkeaton999

In this episode we discuss the Tron sequel, Rick Astley and art galleries.


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